My Book: Digital Tailspin – Ten Rules for the Internet After Snowden

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-11 um 14.23.25Privacy, copyright, classified documents and state secrets, but also spontaneous network phenomena like flash mobs and hashtag revolutions, reveal one thing – we lost control over the digital world. We experience a digital tailspin, or as Michael Seemann calls it in this essay: a loss of control or Kontrollverlust. Data we never knew existed is finding paths that were not intended and reveals information that we would never have thought of on our own. Traditional institutions and concepts of freedom are threatened by this digital tailspin. But that doesn’t mean we are lost. A new game emerges, where a different set of rules applies. To take part, we need to embrace a new way of thinking and a radical new ethics – we need to search for freedom in completely different places.


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* Digital Tailspin – Ten Rules for the Internet After Snowden is basically the second part of my German book, „Das Neue Spiel“. The central idea of both books is that the digitalization of the world has changed the basic mechanics of how things work, i.e., society. The main issue: We cannot control the flow of data and information in the way that we used to. The „Digital Tailspin“ is the translation of the second part, where I summarize the main contents from the first part in the form of „rules“, and different design strategies to cope with these rules.
I’m very grateful to Anwen Roberts for the translation. Many thanks go to Miriam Rasch, who edited the book, and of course to Geert Lovink, who made all this possible. The English edition is one of the stretched goals adopted during the Crowdfunding campaign.


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